Diplomas and courses are offered in different disciplines with a view to making the enrolled women capable of sustaining themselves financially. The handicrafts section develops different products in home linen which are sold at exhibitions and the Bazars organized by Mashal itself.


  • To be able to impart skills to girls and women which would make them financially independent.
  • To explore other subjects, apart from the traditional sewing and embroidery classes which would make the enrolled students more viable for the modern-day job market like computer courses, beautician and grooming courses as well as cooking and catering courses.
  • To help find placements for students after successful completion of their training.


Training courses are held in different disciplines. Sometimes painting, sometimes dried flower arrangements but mostly cooking. Items are selected with a view that students should learn those skills that can help them to enhance their income, e.g. making “Achars”, jams, small cakes or “samosas” that can be packed and bottled and can be sold in the market. Recently, a beauty parlour has been established at MASHAL, which is being run by a foreign qualified beautician. In this parlour training is also given to girls from poor families, so that they can generate income for themselves.