Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar was arranged at Gosha-e-Mashal on 22 October 2020 by Medical unit headed by Dr. Badar. Dr. Rafia Shahid was the keynote speaker. The participants were girls and women residents of Kutchi Abadi near Margalla Town, Islamabad. Rukhsana Sarfraz, President Mashal, thanked the residents of the Kutchi Abadi for attending the Seminar and the Specialist for responding to the questions by the participants. This was a useful seminar for the under developed community.

The month of October has been dedicated to the Pink Ribbon Campaign, which in Pakistan is an initiative of Begum Samina Alvi, wife of the President of Pakistan.

The organizers of the seminar must be appreciated because it was held in a locality where people are reluctant to even discuss it. At the seminar they were not only informed about the prevention and detection of Breast Cancer but its treatment.

News and photographs of the event were published in eight leading national news dailies.

In accordance with the Constitution of Mashal Association, Elections are held every two years. This practice follows a formal procedure in which a neutral Election Committee is appointed, after approval of the General Body of the Association, which conducts the elections in a transparent manner.

Elections 2020-2022 were scheduled for March 2020 but were delayed due to Lockdown because of the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19. Once the lockdown rules were relaxed, the elections were held on 7th October 2020 for which the General Body nominated a three member Committee comprising Unsia Bano as the Chairperson Election Committee with Mrs. Naheed Qureshi and Dr. Razia as members. This Committee was approved by the General Body.

It is heartening that the Committee worked hard to maintain the protocols and rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of the elections in a fair and transparent manner. The Mashal Members extended a vote of thanks and expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Election Committee.

7th October 2020

Two candidates applied for the post of President, namely Mrs. Rukhsana Mir, proposed by Mrs. Perveen Aslam and seconded by Mrs. Anees

Taimori. Mrs. Tallat Azeem was proposed by Mrs. Shamim Zaidi and seconded by Mrs. Ayesha Amir.

Mrs. Rukhsana Mir was declared the President of Mashal Association for 2020 after securing a higher number of votes.

Eleven other members of the Executive Committee were elected unanimously:

Mrs. Fozia Asim—Vice President

Mrs. Mahgul Koreshi—General Secretary

Mrs. Ayesha Amir—Joint Secretary

Mrs. Fahmida Baddar—Director Finance

Mrs. Tasneem Masood—(Joint Treasurer)

Mrs. Perveen Aslam (Administrator)

Mrs. Farzana Saeed (Director Education)

Dr. Baddar Hamid (Director Health)

Mrs. Farrukh Aurangzeb (Director Vocational)

Mrs. Aini Hali (Director Communication)

Mrs. Anees Taimori (Director Grooming & Projects)

Federal Minister Sayed Abida Hussain taking keen interest in the hand made embroidery on the opening day of Gosha-e-Mashal’s Social Welfare Complex ( The Nation ).

Wife of Gen. Abdul Waheed inaugurating the meena bazar

Chairman CDA Shafi M Sehwani inaugurating the Mashal