The medical center comprises of three consulting rooms, a waiting room for out-patients and a dispensary. Besides this, there is an operation theater where Tubal Ligations are held. There is a five bed General Ward and a two-bed Private ward, which will be used for our Mother and Child Care Project when it finds a donor. This work was done under the supervision of the late Dr. Samia Janjua who took a keen interest in establishing a medical center in the complex. May her soul rest in peace.
In the out-patient Department we have three voluntary doctors, two nurses and a dispenser. Free check-ups and medicines are provided to about 250/300 patients a week. In the medical center free family planning and ultrasound services are also provided. The facility of preventive vaccination is also given free of cost to patients, while a few laboratory investigations are also conducted free of cost.
At the medical center we also maintain a registration card for every patient that includes her/his medical history. It is mandatory for the patient to bring this card whenever they visit the medical center. Separate registers are maintained that include patients’ detailed history, vaccinations, laboratory investigations, Tubal Ligation etc. Once or twice a year free Medical Camps are also arranged.


  • To be able to provide quality health-care services in an organized and clean environment.
  • To be able to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses.
  • To maintain the correct data and records of all its patients.
  • To serve as a referral for those needing specialist attention at PIMS.
  • To provide family planning services inclusive of ultrasound facilities and round-the-clock mother and child center.