Mashal Association was formed in Islamabad by Mrs. Shahida Azim and a group of ladies in 1986. It was officially recognized and registered as a social welfare association on August 31, 1988. Mashal works for empowerment of women in the rural area around Islamabad through economic, cultural, health, education and environment improvement by training and creating greater awareness among the underprivileged sections of society. It is a non-political, non-sectarian voluntary social welfare agency under the meaning of the Registration of Societies Act 1860. Its aims and objectives are:-

1) To help provide skills to women to enable them to supplement their income. This is done by establishing industrial homes in their area, where they can reach easily and by foot.
2) To educate girls from very poor families for a very nominal fee by establishing schools in their area and transport facility so that they can reach safely.
3) To provide basic health care service, preventive injections etc by establishing Medical center and Dispensaries.
4) To create awareness about personal hygiene, child care and planned parenthood by arranging talks and lectures.
5) To cooperate with national and international groups, organizations and individuals engaged in the promotion of women rights and to participate in meetings and conferences on women empowerment.