The beneficiaries of Mashal comprise of people from the local region which includes “Poona Faqiran” and associated villages. It also constitutes of the students that are studying in Mashal and the guards, drivers and nurses who are currently serving. Most cases that we cater are related to gastroenteritis. We receive cases on regular basis, due to which we have concluded that the water channel in this region needs a filtration plant.

Following are two of the many cases, that have been dealt with by the medical department in the past years.

Case 1:

In 1997, when the medical department was started in Gosha-e-Mashal, Margalla town, we received a patient named Shahnaz, age 25. When we first met her, she was married for over two and a half years. Shahnaz’s husband was a truck driver who performed his duty out of station and visited every alternate month or so. Her principal concern was not being able to conceive kids even though she had been married for a long time.

Since she was a case of primary infertility, Shahnaz’s detailed history was taken. Furthermore, general and physical examination (GPE) and internal examination were conducted. All the resources available in Mashal were utilized. Moreover, laboratory investigations were done. After careful assessment of the ovulation period, proper counselling was provided and she was advised the exact time of ovulation. Prompt primary medical treatment was provided to Shahnaz. In parallel, she was also treated psychologically.

After 4-5 months, she was blessed with successful pregnancy. She stayed in “Poona Faqiran” for a few more years where she had two kids by the grace of Allah. The couple was very pleased. Later, Shahnaz moved back to her hometown with her in-laws. Recently, her sister in law (who visited us) informed that Shahnaz now has 5 kids by the grace of Allah.

Case 2:

In 2011, Khurma, age 17, came to us with complain of generalized weakness and body aches. Her medical history was analyzed and general physical examination (GPE) was conducted along-with urine and blood tests. It was concluded after investigation that Khurma was Anemic with a hemoglobin level of 7.5 grams per deciliter, which is extremely low.

For blood transfusion, we referred her to a hospital but she refused to go due to social pressures related to girls who visit hospitals before marriage in her circle. She was given Iron in the form of injections which was then converted to oral medications. Furthermore, psychological assurances on timely intervals was also provided to her. We contributed on individual basis for the financial aid and provided aid in form of liver and other dietaries.

It was with blessings of Allah, that her health started to restore. In a couple of months, the hemoglobin levels came to a normal (12 grams per deciliter). Khurma is now married and a mother. She visits whenever she comes to Islamabad from her hometown.

Our staff, our responsibility:

Wahida, in her late forties, is a teacher in vocational training center, currently employed in Mashal. In 2013, she came with complaints related to her health. She was taken by the doctor in Mashal to Shifa International hospital where all investigations were conducted. Wahida was diagnosed with hepatitis C. This treatment was financed by the members of Mashal.

Wahida soon recovered by the grace of Allah and her tests are conducted on regular basis. Still her finances are the responsibility of Mashal members.